I can login via webpage, but can't via CalDAV client (AgenDAV)

as stated in the title I can login via webpage, but can’t via just installed CalDAV client (AgenDAV). In the event log I see: Login failed: 'ds' (Remote IP: '')

I also checked mobile client - DAVx5 and it is working correctly.

My version is 15.0.14

Could you please help?

You’re aware that you ask a question about how to configure a 3rd-party to access Nextcloud in the Nextcloud forum?!

Due to the fact that DAVx5 access is working fine this doesn’t seem to be a Nextcloud problem, but a AgenDAV one. I would recommend to ask this question on the AgenDAV mailing list.

Also, is there any specific reason you need to use AgenDAV?

@j-ed yes, I’m aware. I’m looking for a cause on both sides. Maybe there is some setting in Nextcloud that I haven’t noticed and that might make some login methods not work.

@tcit I need a web-based calendar client to display my calendar on the Mediawiki website (iframe?). I couldn’t find a way to make it go directly from Nextcloud.

I like to use the search function of this forum, which you find in the upper right corner, to find an answer on questions :wink:

I tried it earlier, but it displays “redirect loop” error in the iframe instead of Nextcloud page.