I am trying to install nextcloud- on a dell r710 server for the first time

I am new to installing nextcloud. I am trying to install nextcloud version on a dell r710 server I got from a friend.
I am using php 8.1.13 on the server.I have mariadb installed.
I might be wrong but I believe I have to get a newer version of nextcloud to work with the 8.1.13 php. Is this correct.

Hi @johnta

Nextcloud 19 is end of life since June 2021 and therefore no longer receives bugfix and security updates. Please install at least 24.0.8.

I’m not sure from which version onwards PHP 8.1 was supported. But all Nextcloud releases that are still supported (currently Nextcloud 24 and 25) do work with PHP 8.1.

I posted in your other thread. I’ll link it here just for reference. Duplicate threads make this more difficult to keep track.

@KarlF12 is right. it makes absolutely no sense to open a second thread in which you leave out crucial information just because you didn’t like the answer you got in the first thread :wink:

You have two options, if Nextcloud 19 is already installed on this server:

  1. Downgrade PHP to a version that is compatible with Nextcloud 19, I would recommend using PHP7.4, and then you can update Nextcloud from one version to the next until you are on at least 24.0.8. After that you can upgrade PHP to 8.1 again.

  2. Start from scratch, meaning backing up all your data and then reinstall everything using PHP8.1 and Nextcloud 24 or 25.