Hybrid on-prem and cloud - Replication of storage?

We’re still speccing it out, but seems clear that a replication approach at an NC level is the only to provide the functionality we’re interested in. We’ll open a github project at some point soon and use the wiki to flesh it out, then look at what resource is needed to achieve it.

Hey putt1ck,

This is exactly the sort of thing I am interested in. What stops me from using NextCloud is that it’s not easy to have exact real(ish) time copies.

To put some more context, I’m a home user and looking to replace my QNAP and RPi rSnapshot backup with something a bit more feature-full and easier to manage. I’m keen to move onto Raspberry Pis and cheap HDs, when some hardware breaks I can just through another one in it’s place and click replicate.

Is there any news on these features being added to NextCloud?


We’re assuming we’ll have to develop it, with at least one client interested in this functionality; would be good to get NC core devs to say “not possible”, “already in planning” or “hey, sounds good, go for it” before we start though! Client who’s interested is still migrating to NC from legacy solutions, so we’re unlikely to start working on this for a month or so.

@jospoortvliet @nickvergessen @LukasReschke

One of those may be able to confirm or deny :thumbsup:

We have no direct plans to create a way for multiple nextcloud servers to replicate data.

However Global Scale might be a step in the right direction. See

but global is not available in the community version …