HubZilla, an interesting selfhosted social network companion to your Nextcloud


I’m testing Hubzilla, and it shows unbelievable promise! Here is a post where I attached a photo from a Nextcloud web url with zero difficulty.

Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud?

What do you mean exactly with attaching? Via ActivityPub? Or WebDAV?


I’m not sure. I know that Hubzilla supports both ActivityPub and WebDAV. You are welcome to join testing it here. Just register a free account and hop on Matrix/Hubzilla as detailed on the post and website.


I think he/she used just the shared link - which supports social media previews in Nextcloud 13 :wink:


Correct, it was very simple to share the photo. Happy to say it displayed perfectly in Hubzilla. Huge amounts of potential there!

Hubzilla sees many other federated protocols and supports XMPP chat… so would it be possible to federate with Nextcloud Talk over XMPP? I haven’t used that app yet. I’m happy to file a feature request, etc.


Nextcloud Talk doesn’t support XMPP yet :stuck_out_tongue:
Neither does Hubzilla really… it is not geared towards real-time chat. But there is plugin for Hubzilla based on ConverseJS that gives you a nice XMPP chat on your Hubzilla instance.


For now, federated filesharing is still not working, if I input the webfinger address of my HubZilla instance (v3.4.2) into a Nextcloud sharing dialog it shows an error.


Does HubZilla support the Federated Cloud Sharing/OCM protocol of Nextcloud/Pydio/CernBox/ownCloud?


I was originally under the impression that this was just a type of ActivityPub which is supported by HubZilla, but apparently this isn’t quite true. I started a thread over at their developers forum ( ) though to see if they are interested to implement OCM on top of their existing federated and webdav capable file sharing system.


Is there a direct link you could share? I couldn’t find the thread in the Developer forum.


Hasn’t been really taken up, so no point in sharing it :frowning:


Actually, it is now being discussed on both the developer and support forums. :slight_smile:


Submitted a request for Nextcloud to adopt the Zot/6 Protocol which is already used successfully via PHP in Hubzilla iirc.

  • Mirror / Merge / Migrate users accounts across multiple servers for faster access times
  • Preventing single point of failure when a user’s server goes down
  • Promoting free speech
  • Greater Decentralization


Except that it requires top level domain installation :frowning: I do not understand why they keep forcing this kind of shit on us


No it does not. You can easily install Hubzilla on a sub-domain. If you are taking about sub-directories… yes that might not work. But that is a huge hassle to configure properly and a potential security risk anyway. If you are still putting your websites in sub-directories instead of subdomains you should change your approach :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps another platform we could look at in terms of moving forward is the new Solid platform proposed by Tim Berners-Lee, the godfather of the internet.

Well actually, Solid isn’t that new, it’s been around for a few years but now it looks like they cranking up their activity and it’s been in the press the last few days and makes for an interesting platform to have a look at, particularly around the decentralisation of the internet.


Sounds pretty interesting; I need to set up a Hubzilla server, though know really why I would in light of the fact I already have so much of a social media presence already.


I havn;t installed Hubzilla or similar federated apps in the ring yet, but looking at this discussion I couldn’t understand, what’s the actual level of integration or interoperability between NC and any of the “Fediverse” (Hubzilla mastodon Peertube etc)?
I’ve also read about Solid recently, can someone explain what it is compared to NC and the Fediverse apps? Will it also integrate and does it have any advantages? The site is too vague for me and docs too technical…


Frank knows him quite well, we’ve been talking to them about some collaboration. Let’s see what happens… The problem with this and other projects (like hubzilla) is that they tend to have promise - but only a small ecosystem right now. Often, Nextcloud’s existing ecosystem is 10 to 100x larger already and thus if we put in a developer month in integration it is of far less benefit to our average user than if we’d put that same month into simply improving Nextcloud. Of course, we always welcome help from others who want to work on it!

[Testers Needed] Nextcloud Social - Federating with ActivityPub and Diaspora* social networks!

It is true that Nextcloud has a very large ecosystem, but keep in mind that Hubzilla supports advanced features that would greatly benefit your project. The Zot protocol is very mature and has been in development for yearsZot allows a user to easily copy, clone or migrate their user account from one trusted server to another. I’ve personally been using zot for over a year and it works beautifully! Since it is coded for PHP integration is a definite possibility. Just my .02 and thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

edit: I see @andrew from Hubzilla project has shown interest in this kind of integration back in 2017.