Https Error admin page local network

Hi, I have the following error on my admin page. I am using the server on a local network. Is it possible to use https on local network? If not how to I get rid of that message? Thanks.

Error: ‘You are accessing this site via HTTP. We strongly suggest you configure your server to require using HTTPS instead as described in our security tips.’

local network address: 192.168.x.x
Nextcloud 12.0.0

Sure, it’s possible to use HTTPS on your local network. Provided you’re on Linux, you can follow this guide to enable SSL:

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as @bem13 already wrote, it IS possible to use https.

but on the other hand: why would you need that if nc is running in your LAN, only?

plus: there are good reasons for you to upgrade (manually) to the lastest version… :wink:

Thx for the replies, unfortunately I am unable to connect to server. I upgraded to NC 13 but I don’t think the issue comes from the upgrade.

i don’t understand b/c earlier you wrote:

which clearly means you CAN access your server. it even is working.
and as you run it in your local network there should be a way to connect to commandline

I upgraded to NC 13 as your post suggested and now I am unable to connect, so I created a new topic