[HOWTO] Collabora 2.0 without using Docker not for prod

Hello AlexLi,

This HOWTO no longer work since Collabora’s Docker update to 2.0

I saw a german pal on this forum who wrote a howto with collabora 2.0,
I didn’t take time to test it, but you’d better have a look

thanks so much!
I have spend lots of time on collabora with nextcloud. but it’s does’t work . I am crazy now!!!

error start servise -
sudo -u lool /usr/bin/loolwsd --o:sys_template_path=/opt/lool/systemplate --o:lo_template_path=/opt/collaboraoffice5.1 --o:child_root_path=/opt/lool/child-roots --o:file_server_root_path=/usr/share/loolwsd

/usr/bin/loolwsd: error while loading shared libraries: libPocoNet.so.45: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

wherein in docker de have changed versions of the libraries-

ls /usr/lib/*.45
143608 Dec 14 23:38 /usr/lib/libPocoCrypto.so.45
2072608 Dec 14 23:38 /usr/lib/libPocoFoundation.so.45
344376 Dec 14 23:38 /usr/lib/libPocoJSON.so.45
1242464 Dec 15 00:34 /usr/lib/libPocoNet.so.45
313160 Dec 14 23:38 /usr/lib/libPocoNetSSL.so.45
486040 Dec 14 23:38 /usr/lib/libPocoUtil.so.45
625248 Dec 14 23:38 /usr/lib/libPocoXML.so.45

What are the views of colleagues?

As @Nemskiller said you’re probably using Collabora’s docker 2.0 and it’s structured differently.

There’s another thread that sort-of explains how to get it working, but I didn’t have a chance to look at it. In general if someone takes a look at the docker we can just extract it same way as the method in this thread.

Article for 2.0:

I’ve see that they changed Poco*.so.42 to Poco*.so.45 so i change a little my script.

Then i had to download some apt-get install lib***

And then i finally get it Working ! Yeah.

But wait, when i open a document, nothing comes in my Cloud.
Here is the logs :

kit-14130-14130 0:00:20.810266 [ loolkit ] ERR Poco Exception: Access to file denied: /usr/bin/jails| LOOLKit.cpp:1556
1mkit-14131-14131 0:00:20.810804 [ loolkit ] ERR Poco Exception: Access to file denied: /usr/bin/jails| LOOLKit.cpp:1556
kit-14141-14141 0:00:25.559573 [ loolkit ] ERR Poco Exception: Access to file denied: /usr/bin/jails| LOOLKit.cpp:1556
kit-14151-14151 0:00:30.585528 [ loolkit ] ERR Poco Exception: Access to file denied: /usr/bin/jails| LOOLKit.cpp:1556
kit-14161-14161 0:00:35.638179 [ loolkit ] ERR Poco Exception: Access to file denied: /usr/bin/jails| LOOLKit.cpp:1556

If someone have a clue…

EDIT : OH FINALLY It’s WORKING AGAIN, i’m gonna modify the Script and The HowTO right there.

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Could you please help in a complete how to for collabora with nextcloud 11 ?
I have been struggling with the online/docker version for days with no avail. My hope is now that you can provide me with a step list
for the no docker version, my ubuntu is 16.04 kernel 4.4

Best regards

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where can I find a german pal on this forum who wrote a howto with collabora2.0?

I’m french but i wrote in English for getting understood by the whole community.

It’s nice to want to translate in Spanish, German, French, etc… but for a sensible HowTo like this one, it’s not a good idea.

This HowTo will have a lot of updates in time. in some months will be the release of Collabora 3.0, and we will have to find what to modify in it.
Then the german HowTo will also have to get up to date and so on.
I don’t understand German, and google trad make bad translations of informatic german, so if the German HowTo is better uptodate than the english one, we lost a lot of visibility.

It’s better to say in the english HowTo what to update in case of problem than finding if a spanish, french or german posted it in a foreign topic.

A German, French etc… HowTo for “How to install Nextcloud on a RaspeberryPi” or “How to speed up Nextcloud/MariaDB” is worthy because, updates are not urgent to post, and it’s important for the community who don’t speak english.

For Collabora, if you don’t understand english you have HowTo translated for getting it with Docker.


Before getting into Collabora without Docker you should have before a working Docker Installation.

Because if things won’t work you won’t know if it’s because my HowTo or because of your installation.

It’s quite complicated to make Docker/Collabora/Nextcloud working because your installation maybe different from others. You have to work with a reverseproxy, to make collabora with office.mycloud.com and nextcloud with next.mycloud.com for exemple…

got it. thanks.
maybe I will try again!

the key point is that I can not make /Docker/collabora/nextcloud working. :joy::joy::joy:


That is the problem, I had no luck at all to make it work with docker.
No matter what I do I fail that task unfortunately. I made the steps as described on nextcloud with no progress.
This is the reason I was hoping that maybe collabora without docker could make me overcome this inconvenience.

This is the How To who give me most satisfaction :

Be careful with the reverse proxy and your fqdn : nextcloud for your cloud, and office for your docker Collabora.
Be careful too if you are in local network, your client pc must resolve correctly nextcloud.yourdomain.com and office.yourdomain.com


Could you please advise what kernel version you have on your 16.04 ubuntu ?

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Thanks for updating the guide. I will try it out sometime today.

Everything is working good on 16.04 ubuntu

But funny thing is, I get the following warning and error messages, but everything works very good.

wsd-17302-17304 0:00:33.032720 [ client_ws_0001 ] WRN getNewChild: No available child. Sending spawn request to forkit and failing.| LOOLWSD.cpp:376 wsd-17302-17304 0:00:34.096907 [ client_ws_0001 ] ERR Missing JSON property: 'HidePrintOption' wsd-17302-17304 0:00:34.097561 [ client_ws_0001 ] ERR Missing JSON property: 'HideSaveOption' wsd-17302-17304 0:00:34.097603 [ client_ws_0001 ] ERR Missing JSON property: 'HideExportOption' wsd-17302-17304 0:00:34.097641 [ client_ws_0001 ] ERR Missing JSON property: 'EnableOwnerTermination'

I have them too, but it’s working great.

my collabora with nextcloud is working perfect! thanks

First allow me to wish all a very happy new year.

I thoroughly followed the steps (according to this link : https://www.linuxbabe.com/cloud-storage/integrate-collabora-online-server-nextcloud-ubuntu-16-04)
When I try to access a file , I get a blanc page for a while then it gives me access forbidden

My machine is a VM downloaded from techandme.se (Vmware 80 gbyte HD) ubuntu 16.04, kernel 4.4.0-31-generic
Nextcloud version 11 with php 7 Collabora Online 1.1.24

It is really becoming frustrating and would appreciate any help.