How To Use Community Document Server?

Hi, I installed community document server app and onlyoffice app.
Now, how can I use it?

Click on ods/doc files always starts downloading them like before. I found no other option in the three dots menu.

Background story:
This is an existing nextcloud docker installation. I just upgraded to the current (docker) version 25.0.4. The installation of the document server and onlyoffice apps were done prior. I reinstalled the onlyoffice app after the upgrad, just to assure, it is correctly registered.
Previously (prior to the upgrade) I tried to integrate the separate onlyoffice docker installation, but I had issues with the SSL setup, so I switched to the integrated community server app.
The onlyoffice docs address was automatically populated to

Please don’t advice me to erase the whole database and start from a fresh installation! :sweat_smile:

Please take a look at this guide Nextcloud Collabora integration OnlyOffice has more or less the same way how it is integrated…

Thank you!
The wopi_url seems to be what is missing in my setup. But I don’t know what to use as CODE_URL. The automatic ONLYOFFICE integration entered a loopback ip address for the ONLYOFFICE server.
This is nothing, the client can use. To my understanding, the wopi_url is transmitted to the client, or am I wrong?

yes this is the case. the client directly access the office server using it’s URL - you need to publish it to the client in same/similar way you do for Nextcloud: you need valid URL, TLS cert etc…

If the document server host on the same server as Nextcloud does, it is always some confused points here.

  1. First, you should set up the document redirect as usually the same server host multiple such services behind a reverse proxy
  2. The document server, for example, CODE(Collabora) should be aware of the Nextcloud domain name

ok, so modifying the url with my FQDN would be the wopi_url then?