How to setup customer folders for support

Greetings, I am rolling out Nextcloud for out helpdesk and am trying to figure out how to structure our folders and sharing. The idea is that each customer has an account that is managed by our helpdesk admin. That person creates accounts and then notifies the customer that they can download releases and upload debug files. This seems to work great for using “Group Folders” for the releases. The rub is getting files back from the customer. Since we have multiple people in the helpdesk group a single shared link doesn’t seem to cut it. Also we do not want all the files from customers grouped together in one bucket. It would be nice to have a way to let the helpdesk group be able to browse into the customer’s folder and read/write files. I feel like this could be done with a clever use of shares, but right now I am at a loss to make something that is zero touch from the customer point of view and easy to maintain for the helpdesk admin. Any hints would be welcome.

have you tried the circles-app, already?

afai understand from it it should be possible to set up a circle “helpdesk” and another one “customer” and automatically share every customer-upload to circle helpdesk.

but i’m only guessing, not really knowing. but at least it was worth a try. what do you think?

No I have not used that app. I will have to try to see if that will help and I will report back. Thanks!

It looked promising, but I could not figure out what circles actually does. I added a bunch of users to a circle and linked them, but that seems to be all it does. Are there docs for it?

i’m sure you checked those already…

–> Circles 0.11.0 - User Management, Federated Circles & Activities

apart from those i don’t know