How to remove/disable on iOS/Android the "App install banner"?

I’m using the last version of NextCloud and in particular to show pdf shared files on the website but every time a user open a file, on the top is visibile a banner that suggest to download the Nextcloud App. Is there a way to hide it?

I think the code to remove (or comment) can be found in these pages:

<?php if ($theme->getiTunesAppId() !== '') { ?>
<meta name="apple-itunes-app" content="app-id=<?php p($theme->getiTunesAppId()); ?>">
<?php } ?>

In the “Theming” section I can’t find anything to do it directly from the control panel.
Also I think that if I comment this meta tag in the three files above, probably they could be overwritten at each Nextcloud update.

How can I fix it?
Is there an instruction to put on config.php to do it?
I think it’s not very professional to constantly show a banner with the name of “Marino Faggiana”.
It may give the impression that you are no longer on the company’s website.

I have the same request. Is there something I can put in config.php (or in the user database) to cause the line of php if ($theme->getiTunesAppId() !== '') to resolve to “yes, the theme setting is not equal to blank or empty, therefore do skip the app install banner” ?

The mobile app is great for accessing files; but I don’t do that on mobile. I use the other parts of the web interface on mobile (the Music app, and the Tasks app). Having the app install banner on those pages wastes screen space on my already small screen.

Yes, I can simply delete those three lines from the source code, and the web interface on mobile is better. But the next time you all push an update, I’m going to be editing the source code again.

It makes more sense for me to ask if there is a setting or something I am missing. It may well be that this is a solved problem that I haven’t found the solution for. I’m pretty new to NextCloud.

Thank you for your time and attention.

insert into oc_appconfig(appid,configkey,configvalue) values ('theming','iTunesAppId','');
that will disable the link header

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Thank you!

I found your answer in a different post (I was looking to solve a different problem), but seeing this, I tried it out and it solves my need. I very much appreciate your sharing this knowledge.