How to move my /data folder to a separate scalable NFS server


I am currently looking to move my /data folder out of my web server and onto a seperate NFS server that can scale with the users large file sizes we may have in our college projects.

Is there an easy to implement method to move the /data folder to a cloud based file server like AWS NFS server? Is it as simple as setting up some new configuration in our config/config.php?

Currently our web server is a Linode server but of course that will run out of storage space as we do our projects and get more and more data accumulating.

I’ve been reading but I’m not really looking for huge fallovers and a complicated architecture but rather a storage layer that can grow into the Terabytes without concerns for running out of storage.

Any advice would be great.



You’ll need to mount your NFS share on the Linode server and use one of the methods for moving discussed here:

Preferably the supported method :slight_smile:

Keep in mind your webserver user will need to own the NFS-mounted data directory as it does now.