How to make Pico page accessible for group members only

I use Pico for information to my closed user group of Nextcloud. I have two questions:

  1. How can I expose the members to Pico? The only way I knew to integrate Pico to NC is to use the external website app. It works, but I wonder if there is any other way?

  2. I want to display sensitive information that should only be accessible to the members of the group. When I create the site there is an icon saying “Open website” and another icon where I can toggle Pico to “Private site” but then it seems no other member of the group can access the site. How can this be done?

  1. I’m afraid I don’t really understand the question…

  2. Private websites limit access to users that have access to the website’s files. So, simply enable the “Private website” option and share the website’s source folder with the group you wish to provide access for (possibly read-only).

    If you rather want to limit access on a per-page basis, use the app’s access meta header: Simply add access: my-group to the YAML header of a page. Access will be limited to members of the my-group group (and everyone who has access to the website’s source files). It is possible to specify multiple groups.

Pico CMS for Nextcloud v1.0.0 is currently in beta. You might want to give it a try. See [Beta] [Needs Testing] Pico CMS for Nextcloud v1.0.0

Many thanks for the rapid response. My current version of Pico is 1.0.0 (the first beta - I have not yet upgraded to the latest).

First question - is using the “External website”-app the correct way of giving the members access to the Pico-site? Or is there other ways?

If I enable the “Private website” option there is still an icon saying “Open website”. Is that correct?

Do I understand correctly that by making the site Private and sharing the websites source folder (ie the folder containing the content and assets folders) the site would only be accessible by the group that I shared the folder with?

I see, by “giving access” you mean to integrate it into the Nextcloud web interface. Yes, it is. Not sure whether there might be other options, but using the external website app is definitely an easy and working solution :+1:

Sure :smiley:

Correct :+1:

Many thanks.
I can find that it works - ie I have toggled the “Private site” on, shared the websites source folders with all members in the group, and I can now access the site as a member. And the site is not accessible for anyone not logged in as a member.
Very good.
But why this icon “Open website”? It is confusing. What does it stand for?

We’re talking about the “Open website” icon right next to the websites list in the Settings page, right? Not sure why it is confusing? Its only purpose is to go to the website :smile:

OK I see. In my view it is to the left of the “Private site”.

It was confusing me as I thought of “Open” meaning “Public” as opposed to “Closed”, and I was searching a way to have the site not “Public”. In this case it means “Go to Website”. Or maybe “Open the website”. But I understand.

I will rename the button to “Go to website” :smile:

You’re welcome :smiley: