How to extract filename/date upload/user

version: 21.0.9
PHP: Version: 7.4.19
database: mysql 10.3.28

maybe you can help with advice.
How to export from DB information about uploaded/stored files with upload date and uploading user.
Basically I need to see what file were available in which day.
Is there also information related to deleted files - e.g. file name/date deleted/user deleting

Is that accessible only by SQL queries (what table?) or there is an application I could use?

there is an app “activity” which shows most information needed, but instead of exact date it shows e.g “6 months ago”.
After hovering mouse on “6 months ago” it displays exact date. Unfortunately - the only option is to print to PDF with what is seen on the screen - this “6 months ago”…
Any ideas?

But still - this app is not comfortable to use, requres scrolling to force to show additional data.

take a look at this SQL queries:

it gives you good idea about the DB structure and how files and their previous version belong together. Should be not hard to adopt for deleted files…

I do not know the beginning of your analysis. But any of your users could have intentionally or unintentionally shared the data through other means.