How to exclude a folder from indexing?

I have enabled “backup contacts daily” in the Nextcloud mobile app, this will create a hidden folder and upload the contacts vcf file every day there.

How can i exclude them from indexing?

Thank you!

add a .noindex file in your folder

That doesn’t seem to work, at least not for external storage.

The issue might be that if you edit a file in a folder that contains the .noindex, the file will be indexed. This will be fixed in next release of files_fulltextsearch:

What will not be fixed, is that if user1 have:

- folder1/
  |- .noindex
  |- folder2/
  |- folder2/file.txt

and shares only folder2/ to user2, folder2/file.txt will not be indexed for user1 but it will be for user2.


its a known issue in NC.
.* files are not processed properly on external storage.

I have the same issue with .noaudio files in the Audio Player