How to edit Nextcloud files on Android - first post. Though it’s old and maybe he changed his mind…

Thanks @SolarDesalination! While reading the post besides the comment you already made about the timeframe since this has been announced from a technical point of view this won’t help since the author mentioned open sourcing the cloud API part which is essentially “just” the code that deals with the client/server communication while the sync-implementation would still be closed source :confused:

Like a previous post mentioned, using a WebDAV client such as ES File Explorer to edit files works. A good Microsoft office alternative is WPS office. No need to convert xlsx to odt or so. In fact WPS has native. WebDAV support :slight_smile:

@anon9582441 can WPS (or ES File Explorer) edit odt files directly? I use odt a lot.

Seems that WPS uses an online service to convert odt files when opening so it won’t save it as an odt. You could try polaris office.

Hi all, is anyone still looking at this? I’ve tried the Android app today, and I’m afraid I’m finding it pretty much useless, as most documents are .docx or .xls and even if I open them in Microsoft Word and Excel, there is no way of saving the changes back to NC. This is a real shame, since NC desktop and web are amazing.

Hi guys,

I found a quite simple and easy way of “saving” files back to NC after editing on Android.
I deployed my NC server, desktop and mobile clients a few months ago and it works the same since the beginning.
Let me explain :

  • I open the Nextcloud app for Android, navigate to a file and open it.
    For example, I open an Excel file and since I have two apps installed for this filetype, Android asks me which one to use. I choose MS Excel in this example but I guess other apps should do the same.
  • I make some changes to the sheet and then save the file.
  • In the Nextcloud app, I still see the file “unchanged” even after refreshing the view.
  • I click as if I would open the same file again but abort the app choice.
  • file size and “timestamp” are updated in the Nextcloud app.

Yes, it’s a bit strange but it works ! :wink:

I use the android app WPS Office . go into options: Files Manage => Cloud => Add WebDav/FTP . Add your Nextcloud webdav settings.
It’s working great for me.