How to connect to the API without using a propfind request

So, I’m trying to write a windows client that will interact with the Nextcloud api remotely. Nextcloud will host and manage all of the file assets (mostly images) for a product database. There are very few programs out there which fit our needs, and Nextcloud is perfect for what we’re trying to achieve, except for one small issue. I am using a cross-platform software that does not support the ‘PROPFIND’ request type. I understand that I can use sockets instead, but this starts getting very complicated, especially once you consider encrypting the connection.

Is there any way around this? Perhaps an undocumented optional header which will override the method? This is a major holdback for me atm, and any help would be much appreciated.

Can’t you mount webdav in your file system and make modifications directly? Or pass through curl: Upload to “File Drop” using curl from command line

There is a python client: which could be an inspiration.