Hide users from contacts menu

Nextcloud version (eg, 10.0.2): 12
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 16.04): Ubuntu 17.04

Hi all. Is it possible to hide users from the new “contacts menu”? Right now users are able to find all users on my NC12 instance just by using this menu. In my eyes this is a privacy issue.


I’m having the same issue…

Hi @beerlao,

Reported over here:

Was fixed with:

The simple way to do this is in your admins sharing settings, by disabling the following option:



Hi Marius,

thank you, much appreciated! However, in my case, I would like to keep the autocompletion to allow easy sharing within the same group, but not with other (third) parties. I agree that you provided a workaround for my initial question, but if I had a free wish I would like to have a separate option to limit shown contacts to those within the same user group :wink:

Thank you for your help and best regards,



I agree with you :wink: I have re-opened the ticket over here:

See my suggestion over here:



Hi all,
is there any updates on this?

I think from the data protection point of view this is realy important point that the user will only see the user from the own group!

Hi, Even I am looking for the same solution.

vote her : https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/6259
I opened a case

Another duplicate … :see_no_evil:

Is there a way to remove the contacts menu ?

I also think this the issue here is a serious problem : I am using this with different clients and I don’t want them to communicate on this platform, or give them the impression that their documents can be accessed by other “contacts”.

Also, I am using Nextcloud for personal things too, like sharing photos from a party, and I am giving access to people I barely know.

Mixing all these contacts on one instance is a serious security issue if anyone can see who my clients are, and even contact them !!

So I hope this will be solved, but in the meantime I am turnin all communications tools off, and I am looking for a way to remove the contact menu. Any idea ?

Damn this really kills the multitenant usecase for NextCloud. I’m trying to host a file uploader not a social network!

Is there any roadmap for this being corrected?

I’ve commented to reopen the request

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Nextcloud 20 comes with the option to only allow auto completition for users in the same groups. This is not explicitly removing the privacy issue (if you have the full username), however, it is a great update and did exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to the team