Hidden data folder that appears to be default? (Docker)

Hello All,

So, I’m not 100% sure what’s going on. I have a nextcloud instance on a nextcloudpi docker container (I know it is being discontinued, but I was just made aware of this after a failed update)

At some point, presumably the modified date of the folder (2023-03-04) a hidden data folder called “.data_2023-03-31” came up in my /data/nextcloud folder. This folder is independent of the normal /data/nextcloud/data folder.

I assume, but am not 100% sure, that this happened after an upgrade or rollback.

They both seem to be actively in use. I mainly care about the group folders, and am trying to figure out what the most responsible way to merge these folders will be, as I need to figure out how to move this out of a docker image due to NCP restrictions on docker going forward.

I don’t understand how the hidden .data folder is being referenced, I don’t see anything in the config file. Does anyone know what I can do to reconcile these folders?

Nextcloudpi v1.51.4
Nextcloud v24.0.7.1

hello @nc_sketchy I moved you post into NCP category so it’s more specific… Try checking NCP docs if you find the answer regarding the hidden folder… and there is a Guide to migrate your NCP instance from Docker to LXD or the article related to discontinuation of NCP docker variant NextcloudPi planning to discontinue its docker version with nc 25 maybe this helps you to understand where/how your data is stored in NCP…