Help to increase disk space - Nextcloud v19.0.0 Snap Install

I am trying to increase the disk space available to my nextcloud install, originally set up with Snap (during linux install)

I set it up with 200gb, but now I need to give it more.
The install is a virtual machine, so allocating disk space is easy and we already have allocated it more disk space on the VM however the server is not seeing that, how do we go about getting the server to see the additional allocated space?

But, linux/nextcloud won’t automatically allocate this new space.

So does anyone know what I need to type to increase the space?

unfortunately, I am not a Linux expert :frowning:

Hopefully this makes sense.


It strongly depends on what exactly FS are U using in Linux. You have to find this out and provide more data here. Basically almost all current FSs are able to increase they size by simple command. There are few ways, e.g. E.g.

lsblk -f
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Thanks for the reply, I’ve attached a screenshot of the result when running the command

Looks like it is running SquashFS, where do I go from here?


nextcloud filetype|690x157

Those are “loops” like a virtual sections for a snap containers. Interesting is that sda2 is type of ext4. Do you have only 1 HDD in you virtual machine? I assume yes, then seems it is sda. You have to:

  1. Ensure that you have an up to date backup.
  2. Ensure that you have an up to date backup.
  3. Ensure that you have an up to date backup.
  4. Unmount the filesystem.
  5. Check the filesystem.
  6. Resize filesystem.

Not sure if you can simply do it on a root partition, but you can try (this is vm only). MAKE A BACKUP.
Found few tutorials depends on your system: increase size of ext4 at DuckDuckGo


Brilliant! We have managed to assign it more memory

I appreciate your help greatly.


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