Help testing the 9.0.54RC1 and 10.0.1RC1

Keep in mind: this in not officially supported - @LukasReschke and I build this. It is for testing purposes only. (beside that we have run in already successfully on multiple servers - but we want to be 100% sure that it doesn’t cause issues in production instances first before saying it is officially supported).

    1. configure updater in config.php:
  'updater.server.url' => '',
  '' => 'beta',
    1. put the new updater script in place (keep in mind to grant the web server user write permissions to this file - otherwise the updater will tell you this ;)):
wget -O updater/index.php
  • 2a) restart the webserver now (crucial!!!)we have seen many reports that even if the file was replaced still the old updater was in use - I suspect that the opcache still has held the old code and didn’t replaced it with the new one
    1. go to the admin page and change the channel to beta there too (yes we did this in the config, but this needs to be done here too, because those are sadly two different settings)
    1. then (after the next cron.php run) the update should be visible and a button “Open Updater” should be available - you can click this (but be sure, that you put the before downloaded file in place - see step 2))

See Test our new work-in-progress upgrader script for the updater script.

To see if the correct updater was loaded check out the pictures in