Hardware for NC

Hi guys,
I am currently running my NC on a QNAP NAS with docker. But since this system is very power consuming I was thinking about changing to a less power needing setup.
I am using my NC with 5 users mainly for upload and sharing of pictures through the clients (Windows and Android). I am planing to install further apps like Collabora or OnlyOffice, but there will not be a lot of simultaneous work of different users in these apps.

As a new setup I was thinking about to buy an Odroid-C4, since it does not use a lot of energy and still seems to have enough computing power. In addition I would buy me a WD Red SA500 SSD 2.5" harddrive. Is it possible to power this harddrive only through the standard Odroid power source (12V, 2 A Power supply; with USB-SATA-Adapter)? This harddrive is also available as M.2, does this make more sense, since it is smaller? What is the problem there? The Odroid-C4 only has USB-connectors, I will therefore need an adapter cable. Is there something special I need to consider if I buy one?
Do you think this is a reasonable setup? Or do you think I need to reconsider something? Or would you recommend me some other products which would even speed up my setup? In my new setup I will use my QNAP NAS for the backup and therefore only start it at certain times.

Thanks for your comments / thoughts.

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