Google Drive support is now in the app store!

Google Drive support has now re-appeared via the appstore for Nextcloud 13 stable. Try it out and see if it works.

Here is the Github page for the app, named files_external_gdrive


aww yes… it’s been there for some weeks already…

but please make sure to read the github-page closely and carefully. maintainer calls it still BETA… and there’s a list of things to be done, still. though @NastuzziSamy is doing a great job and is really eager to devellop this app further. he reacted very fast on some errors occuring with my installation of it.

awww… and i can’t see in on the page but it could happen that the app is usable only for admins… i haven’t tested it, yet and there once was a note about it.

but yeah… g-drive support is back :slight_smile:

Personally, i’ve built my nextcloud server to avoid to use google drive … :crazy_face:


Hi @JimmyKater , maybe one of your errors related to what I reported down here?
@NastuzziSamy could you help?

Thanks, by the way, for all your work and efforts!


thank for caring, rodrigo… but the problems that occured ony my NC were solved by @NastuzziSamy long time ago, already.
as long as i can hardly remember what those problems had been.

have you took a close look to his github-page?

at least it worked for me… had some data stored on g-drive and copied it to my NC - after that i completely forgot about that app.

awwww.- only can remember that it was needing another app to be installed to the NC… external_files or such.


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I had looked before and couldn’t find anything.

I ended up opening a new issue in his repo at:

Thanks for caring!

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Hey guys,

I’m back, I’ll try to find some time to make the app stable.

Thank you for your support :slight_smile:

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