Gallery view doesn't work with link shares

As I stated in the bug report I relaxed the file permissions (all belonged to the web server user) to upgrade to 9.0.52 and I rewrote all files except config.php and /data and it didn’t help. If it works for some users I wonder if it can’t be one of the php dependecies and their versions which are distribution specific.

And your installation passes the integrity check?

“nextcloud/index.php/settings/integrity/failed” says “No errors have been found.”

If I run integrity check via occ it says that there is invalid hash for .htaccess which is understandable because I modified it, but the only change I made was raising the file upload limit (just checked it in diff). Integration test of Gallery and Galley+ apps doesn’t report any issues.

Can you upgrade to PHP7?

I can give it a try. When I have time I’ll clone the VPS to playground and upgrade to PHP 7.

This did help. It works with PHP 7.0 and doesn’t with PHP 5.6.23. At least I assume it’s PHP what made the difference because in the end I had to upgrade to Fedora Rawhide. Fedora 24 doesn’t have PHP7 and the external repo with PHP7 claimed broken dependencies. That’s probably because it doesn’t have all the php modules I need for Nextcloud.

Thanks for testing!
Maybe there is something strange going on on Fedora 24 or that specific version is broken or you’re missing an essential module, hard to tell.

So I ugpraded to PHP7 on the production server, too, and the problem is solved for me. I don’t think it’s because of some missing module. When upgrading to PHP7 it didn’t install any additional packages, it’s the same set.
We’ll see if someone reports the same problem on RHEL/CentOS. There is the same version of PHP as in Fedora 24 and it’s a supported platform by Nextcloud. Then it should be something for them to fix.

I’m going to do one more test on my test setup with PHP 5.6 to see if CI missed a problem, but if everything works, I’m going to close the issues on Github.

No problem on 5.6, so must be a packaging issue

I realize this is an old post but gallery view was working in Nextcloud 14.04, but after upgrading to 15 is no longer showing in the top right corner as an option in the link shares. I’m using the Nextcloud 15 docker image and did not change anything else that I’m aware would cause it to stop working. Are others having this same result?