Fedora 30 Nextcloud client issues --- does not preserve login after user account logout or reboot

I recently installed Fedora 30, and decided to try out the Nextcloud client…it’s not my favorite.

I had to manually copy over the files as the client wasn’t able to copy from my local server.

My current problem is this: When I log out or reboot, I have to re-login to my Fedora client.

I am using the TOTP plugin with Google Authenticator.
I have tried creating an app token to bypass the 2FA on the outside chance that the client has 2FA problems but no such luck.

The client launches, stuck with the message “No connection to Nextcloud at <my_server.”
After a few minutes, I’m prompted to login to next cloud. My app token wasn’t saved. I can log in again, but this is the only platform where that is a requirement. The Windows and Android apps don’t behave this way.

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I’m having a similar issue, except only with needing to re-login on reboot, even after authorizing the app.

Installing libgnome-keyring helped some of the people:

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That did it!

I’ll be sure to add this to my ansible fedora setup playbook.