Export all contacts or calendars

Hey, is it possible to export all contacts (addressbooks) or calendars?

It is possible to download one addressbook or calendar:

With this I still made backups of them …
But I got a lot of addressbooks and calendars and sometimes I create a new one and it won’t be saved automatically …
Is it possible to get a list of all contacts (addressbooks) or calendars (of one user)?

PS: can everybody download the contacts and calendars, if you know the username (and the addressbook/calendar URI)? Without password …

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If you have shell access to the server you can use the script calcardbackup

Yes, by querying the database tables oc_addressbooks or oc_calendars (your prefix might be different than oc_)

No, not without password.

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I am also curious about this, I recently had to do a fresh install because the upgrade script from nc 12 to 14 was useless and my service provider updated the php configuration.

I basically just use nextcloud for contacts, sms backup and calendars. Seems strange that there is no easy export feature for the calendar and contacts. Tried to use the vcf export but the nc 12 creates a corrupt file so that didnt work. Tried to export calendars but I just got some garbled empty file that took ages to import and nothing there.

To be honest, this is garbage. No working upgrade feature and no working export/import? I mean, would love to continue using this product but if this is what I can expect of it in the future my use of it probably ends here, most certainly wont pay for any enterprise upgrade. Even the simple update from 14.04 to 14.06 on a fresh install garbled it, probably have to do a new fresh install now. Seems like a simple thing to get right if you know what you’re doing but doesn’t seem like administrating this software is something that is meant for normal people. Maybe the errors are created to sell expensive enterprise support. Who knows. I know nextcloud is going out the window and going back to owncloud.

Really disappointed with nc and really regret switching from owncloud now.

I wasn’t able to try it yet but it seems https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/data_request might do the trick (ok apparently it only send an email to the admin asking to export manually, bit a of joke really)

Still no easy way to export contacts?

In the contacts app, at the bottom left you have Settings. You choose your addressbook, e.g. Contacts, then click the three-dots menu in front, then Download. No ?

The same with the calendars : Backup calendar data - #8 by yostral

Thanks @yostral
I was so fixated on doing it from the desktop that I did not think about doing it from my phone