Expected size of Memory caching

Fortsetzung der Diskussion von 88 Mb database size normal for single user?:

besides the database the cache is the second storage eater, there is only \system and \data, isn’t it?

What size of the cache do I have to expect in this scenario

  • 10 users
  • 1000 files per user, 75% pdf, 20 % office
  • 100’000 pictures
  • 20’000 music & video

thank you

Please use the search function of the forum. There have been a couple of questions regarding database optimizations and a few people shared their settings. There are also tools to monitor the cache status so you don’t waste memory on a cache that you don’t need.

is but 88 Mb database size normal for single user? was the only appropriated one.

I tried

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    NextCloud Performance Optimizations - Please Contribute!
    Occupy as much as 600mb Memory in QNAP?
  2. database size
    App + DB Server - where to allocate storage?
  3. cache size
    Best cheap hardware to run Nextcloud on?

but none of them tells me, what size for DB and cache I shell consider.
May you can push me in the right direction of search?

are you referring to Using the occ command?
thank you