Evernote Replacement


I’ve submitted a feature request #183 for Nextcloud Notes team to adopt and integrate
NextNote directly. It is sorely
needed! This would address almost every single original desire of this
thread into the standard Notes app…

  • Rich Text editing (aka WYSIWYG)
  • Ability to attach files (anything) to notes
  • Ability to have inline images including drag and drop
  • Ability to import existing EN notes


I added my little suggestion to the github thread

I would start by creating a stable and well supported WYSIWYG layer or mode in the current notes app, and maybe try to add web clipping later, on top of that

Sadly, there’s very few people with time and skill to help, and we won’t go very far by having several competing versions.

I think that NextNote and the basic Notes app should merge


Nextnote has evolved pretty much the past days. Several commits per day by @branjte and others. Version 1.0 will go live soon.

It’s worth a try if it was some time ago since you tried it.


When will be “soon”?


As soon as someone contributes to fix the last “errors” before it’s considered stable. You’re welcome to help :slight_smile:


I’m not that talented in coding to assist but looking forward to finally replace my evernote :slight_smile: -


Hello. I am a new Nextcloud user and posting for the first time in the forum. First of all I would like to thank the developers for their hard work. I am constantly looking for an alternative to evernote but I haven’t liked anything so far. Here is my response to some questions asked in this thread:
1 Are you currently using Evernote? If so, what features are the most helpful?
Yes. Tags and subtags are very helpful. And the Notebook format too.

2 Have you tried any FOSS alternatives to Evernote?
Joplin. It is MD and I would have preferred WYSIWYG format one. Something I can copy in to a word or libreoffice document. Also, there are no subtags.

3 What app features are you looking for in a FOSS Evernote replacement?
It should have tags. Tags have become an alternate way to organize one’s stuff apart from the folder. Because a thing can carry several tags and several things can have the same tag but the same can’t be done with folders.

Tags and subtags should be there in tasks too. It also goes well with the GTD method.


Curtesy to: https://www.reddit.com/r/selfhosted/comments/9b1ftw/looking_for_a_note_application/

A few other options that might be worth exploring:


Updates on Nextcloud Note ecosystem…

  • Quicknotes is a Rich Text Sticky-notes app in Nextcloud app store.
  • Carnet is a rich text notes app that has an Android app, desktop Electron apps and a Nextcloud app
  • Nextnote and Nextcloud Notes have been quiet as far as development.
  • Tagspaces is being fully re-written and under heavy development.
  • Joplin is receiving a lot of work, but still lacks a Nextcloud compatible web client. Jex format continues to be undocumented.


I am developing an Android Note App. At the moment it handles the following:

  • Markdown Notes (and render it, but no live-preview while typing)
  • Todolists (very smiliar to Wunderlist)
  • Sharing

For this I developed a REST API which makes it possible to save Notes/Todolists, create users, share Notes/Todolists etc… I want to change this to integrate with Nextcloud - without the need of an additional REST-API/Server component. I think Nextcloud is already perfect for syncing and organizing files. In the end I want to achieve a real Evernote Alternative including the following functions:

  • Notes with WYSIWG Editor - maybe not based on Markdown because of the limits of this format
  • Todolists
  • File Upload (pdf, Audio, Images - mayber videos later on)
  • inner Links (like HTML links to other documents)
  • full-text search (Nextcloud seems to be already able to do that?)
  • (more to come with progress)

For this I’d like to have some help. I don’t want to publish it as FOSS at the moment because the code is too messy for many developers. Instead I want to make it more stable and well documented. I am thinking of a small team of developers.

So: Are there any volunteers? :slight_smile:


Carnet runs very smooth “out of the box” but I don’t like the UI (similar to the Google notes app) and was not able to find out if I can import Evernote notes.


Always six months later one should now have learned to not promise too much in a open source software development project. :slight_smile:


We all do this in our spare time. Be grateful that it even exists instead. :slight_smile:


Any suceess on that yet?
It seems you are not the only one who is trying to do this, see https://github.com/stefan-niedermann/nextcloud-notes


I’m getting a bit lost here, can someone tell me the difference in brief between the native app GitHub - Nextcloud/Notes and GitHub - brantje/NextNote?


QOwnnotes now has a browser extension to capture webpages into notes:


My NextCloud instance is on my Synology NAS so I use DS Note instead of Evernote. A full web clipper is available for Chrome-based browsers like Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi etc… It can also import Evernote notes and I find it pretty much as good as Evernote.


in the joplin forum, they mentioned another new app notable.


I didn’t find any volunteers. So no success on that.

But I decided to keep on with my own Server - Why? I think it is much more easier to write a backend which is specialised on handling notes and todolists. With this, app development seems to be much more comfortable and you don’t need a “bulky” Nextcloud Server if you just want to use notes/todolist and share them.

The Server is now open to the public on GitHub if someone’s interested in it:

If everything is in a production-ready state I possibly integrate the server component as a nextcloud app.


Looking forward to :blush:

Will notes stored as files, so you could make use of nextcloud collaboration features.

Will it be possible to encrypt notes?