Errors when trying to migrate from Dropbox to Nextcloud

As far as I checked there’s no new error logs, those where back when I tried the desktop app. My current experiment only consist on directly copying the files to the nextcloud server and then executing the OCC command to update the database.

Damn I thought this was going to be an easy move :(. A bit frustrated because I’m not sure if it’s the Nextcloud docker running on unRAID that is giving me troubles or something else.

Thanks for all your help <3

Also found this digging into the settings

Sorry it can be frustrating getting everything working at first, there’s a lot of configuration you have to do and a lot of variables depending on your environment. It’s definitely worth correcting each of those warnings on the settings page, especially running occ db:convert-filecache-bigint (in maintenance mode).

Yeah! I need to look at that because this is running on docker so I have no access to OCC unless the docker is running. Fill find out about that.