Error Sabre\DAV\Exception\Forbiden for htaccess files


I just installed Nexcloud 22.1.0 on a VPS distant server (new installation / Ubuntu last version).

I installed on my windows computer the official nexcloud soft used for synchronize a directory.

In this soft, I have this error in red for the .htaccesss files :

" …/.htaccess" (Sabre\DAV\Exception\Forbiden) the server answerd forbiden

I have the same problem if I “drag and drop” a file .htaccess from my computer to Nextcloud (Internet interface) : “Forbiden”

Who to fixe the probleme ?



Hi @mic78000

I found this thread on the subject. The conclusion is that you probably shouldn’t upload .htaccess files for security reasons…

Thanks !
If I understand, it is not possible to syncronize directly . htaccess I must rename it before. Not very easy because I have a lot of them and in fact I can’t rename because it is usefull to have them. I will have to copy them with an extension like .txt or else in the local folder. So with another way.