Encryption of Contacts, Calendar, Tasks - App

Can someone tell me please, if my data, which are saved in apps like contacts, calendar and tasks, also encrypted when I’ve File Encryption activated?
Thank you!

Reviving an old thread which I think is really important!

Looks like the contacts/calendar/tasks are not encrypted! They are stored in the “database” (which can probably be read provided you have access to the server (?)). Maybe encryption would damage compatibility with carddav…

See the short thread [1] and the github issue [2] for further discussion.

  1. [Help] Contacts file location
  2. #5926 Allow encryption of contacts/parts of contacts via gpg/keybase or other.
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there has been some discussion in different places, but just restart that topic in the feature section:


I also would like to mention here, that also SQLite has the possibility to encrypt the database: