Document loading failed In Docker based deployment

Hi folks,

We created a docker image of collabora office with the latest build. Then we use next cloud docker image, i.e. already present in docker hub.

We configured next cloud, and added postgres to integrate with the database.
In administration configuration, we have added collabora office that we created and updated the new entry point from UI.

We deploy both collabora office, next cloud and postgres on our k8s cluster.

Now, when I can create a document or any files, it shows me document loading fail. Then it automatically loads after few seconds. Overall, I have observed it is taking 27 secs to automatically load completely, and one time it fails with ‘document loading failed’.

Can someone please assist me, share some guidance/documentation on how to fix this. Also, if there is way to update the load timeout to 30 secs, so we stop getting the error.

hello @psarvaiya welcome to the forum :handshake:

Please use the search - lot of issues have been discussed already

good starting point is Nextcloud Collabora integration

curl commands shown there will likely reveal some config issues. I remember similar problem in my docker installation due to DNS issues.

Hi @wwe,

my office automatically loads completely in 27-30 seconds, is there a way I can increase the timeout to 45secs, so it reduces the probability of getting this error.

within 15 secs, it is not loading completely so I am facing this challenge

I would recommend you to analyze the root cause for the delay. working through the guide I shared above will help you to isolate the issue.

you found the related GH issue already - when I hit similar problem there was an issue with DNS.