Discuss design changes before implementation

The goal is to avoid the problems encountered with the 8.2 release where we were confronted with many changes which didn’t work.

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Can you specify this? Are you talking about the sidebar?

  • Missing login button on the login page
  • General lack of contrast
  • Removal of some highlights
  • Disappearing media type icons
  • Font too thin

And probably other problems. There were lots of design related discussions just before and after the launch of 8.2

Overall, going flat was an improvement, but it was just too flat and had too many issues, lots of hours were wasted fixing things and it’s still not right.

The design team could present their planned improvements as RFCs, listen to comments and then vote internally. We can’t always think of everything, may it be design or code related.


I think we should have a demo which runs master, personally I reported some of these issues after the release because I did not bother to run master on my production server.


I guess @jan wants to comment here too.

Summoning @stp for demo stuff as well.

I believe this already happened, but maybe not with a lot of attention. I like your idea of the RFC system. But to have this system works there must be a lot of screenshots about the proposal or something like public test instances which shows the situation before and after the changes, so the users can make a right decision. Another advantage of this is that it can be tested on a lot of devices. Maybe the fonts look good on HDPI screens but not on full HD, etc.

I think about a voting platform (…also for endusers) :wink:

It happens for new features, with mock-ups, etc. and that’s great, but not for theme changes.

I am currently doing demo improvements for ownCloud within the google summer of code framework and this would make master and branch demos easier. Depending on the time I can work on it, this might be sooner than later.

But yeah I am definitely keeping master or in general branch based demos in my head.

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Branch demos would be great, but let’s not forget that translating the flat design to a theme also takes some effort, so collaboration is also required earlier using whatever media is used to present the intended changes.
Ideally a process should be defined which can be improved over time when we see that it isn’t delivering the intended value. We just know that what was used in the past was broken, probably because too few people had access to the early documents.

This is what was initiated at ownCloud 3 years ago, but there are till parts missing:

Any news here? NC 11 is coming soon, there is no feature list. I only know that NC will start to use its own app-store and the new updater app.

edit: I just found my other topic again, where I link to a larger github-issue (Planned features for NC 11): https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/745

Well, that long list tracks features in general, but we’re still missing a one pager about the design changes coming to the next release.

^^^^^ @jan