Desktop Client 2.6.5 and 2.7 beta 2 available - time to update and help test!

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We’ve just updated our website so you can download the newest version of the Nextcloud Desktop client, version 2.6.5! Over 50 bugfixes and improvements make this a worthwhile update. Besides 2.6.5, a second beta of 2.7 came out and we’d love to hear your feedback on this test version!

Desktop client 2.6.5

This new version of the desktop client introduces support for sharing to Cirlces and a lot of smaller bugfixes, covering Dark Mode in MacOS, some proxy handling improvements and proper permissions display for shares. There is also a fix for a rare issue where the desktop client would remove files from the server and then re-sync them.

Check the full changelog here.

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Desktop client 2.7 Beta 2

Work continues on version 2.7 of the desktop client and we made a second beta available, with plans for a third next week already. Compared to the first beta, this release contains many fixes and improvements. We particularly look forward to feedback about the new menu, which probably represents the biggest visual change for this release. Try out the 2.7 and click the system tray icon to see it for yourself!

New desktop client menu
The new desktop client menu in 2.7


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Nice one.

Some things i have:

Why all those links in the action menu? every button is just a link to nextcloud page. What is the idea to have 20 links to the same side?

Installed (BETA) Client for the first time, synced and already got 2 sync problems (a .md and another one). How to clear / debug those sync errors, why are there sync errors. No info is availible to it.

On setup the client and choose a other folder and come back: the GUI is broken and i cant press “connect …”, only bypass folder config.

When i choose other folder, error message pop up “old snyprotocol could be found but not removed. please be sure to…”

Atm, i cant choose sync folders anymore. It seems i killed the sync tool :wink:

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I just installed Desktop Client 2.6.5. After the installation the Nextcloud client would not start. Error message (rougly translated from German):

The execution of the code could not be continued, since VCRUNTIME_1.dll could not be found.

VCRUNTIME_1.dll is a file contained in the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019.

Of course, I had the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 installed on my computer. When I checked the version, I saw that I had version 14.23 of this package installed. The version of the latest package was 14.26. After download and installation of this latest package, the client started again.

It seems like VCRUNTIME_1.dll is part of the latest packages only:

Could you include a version test of the vc_redist package, and install it over the existing installation if necessary in your installation procedure?

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Please, add ringtones for incoming calls and chats from Talk to the desktop client.

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Your conclusions are worth to report it.

Which os version are you using?

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