DECK : feature - idea for spaced repetition functionality

I use my nextcloud as the engine for my “second brain”.

the next step in my second brain is to memorize it in my own brain.
i do this at the moment with ankiweb as my “spaced repetition” software.

but all the information stored in ankiweb is not searchable in my nextcloud.

DECK is close to spaced repetition software because it is designed to as flashcards. By adding fields like “front” and “back” and a specialized view would create a nextcloud solution with the essence of a spaced repetition software.

Hi. Interesting idea :slight_smile:

In an ideal World, though, would it not be better to integrate anki into Nextcloud?

(Just curious, because I made a related suggestion here: App suggestion: Anki Server App)

There is an open issue for user defined fields which will also solve your issue. Hardcoding them in the core will likely not happen as the use case is way too specific and Deck aims to be a generic solution for each kind of workflow. I suppose to upvote this issue and subscribe to it to get notified when something happens. Maybe you even want to start working on it and start a Pull Request? :rocket: