[Debian/Nextcloud] HowTo not completely error free

I am trying to install Nextcloud on Debian 10.4.
I am using this HowTo:

My first problem was that:
curl -fsSL https://nginx.org/keys/nginx_signing.key | sudo apt-key add -

Didn’t work. So i removed “sudo” to solve that problem. Since i already used the sudo command in the beginning i figured that was probably the problem.

Now my problem is that:
Service nginx restart is not working.
Error: service: command not found

Could someone tell me how to fix this?

And question two: why isn’t this HowTo 100% working :stuck_out_tongue:

I used this multiple times 100% error free. I would not install nginx from another source if not nessasary. Why nginx and not apache2?

Why Nginx? Well to be honest, because this HowTo uses it. This HowTo also includes Fail2Ban and apticorn. Please a way to move storage.

But since that is not a really good reason :wink: i could switch to the HowTo you mentioned. I will first give this one a couple more tries, if i really cannot get through this one i will switch.

Edit: i always thought that Nginx was the better choice performance wise.

@devnull dev

I have solved the problem, solution was to use this command: systemctl restart nginx

But got a new one now.

sed -i “s/09,39.*/# &/” /etc/cron.d/php
(crontab -l ; echo “09,39 * * * * /usr/lib/php/sessionclean 2>&1”) | crontab -u root -

gives “no crontab for root”. Someone know how to solve this?

as root: crontab -e and insert the line manually.

or use one of the many scripts:


All of the problems you’re having seem unrelated to Nextcloud itself. These are really more general Linux questions.

I wrote a guide for a Docker based setup on Ubuntu. It would probably work similarly on Debian. You can use it for a reference too if you need any extra examples.


I have a few questions about your script:

It is about the inventory file:

selfsigned certificate as default

ssl_certificate_type = ‘selfsigned’

Letsencrypt or selfsigned certificate

ssl_certificate_type = ‘letsencrypt’

If i would like to use letsencrypt, do i remove the first two lines or do i change ‘selfsigned’ to letsencrypt?

Looking at this part:

database settings

nc_db_type = ‘mysql’ # (MariaDB)

nc_db_host = ‘localhost’

nc_db_type = ‘pgsql’ # (PostgreSQL)
nc_db_host = ‘’

I have to remove the first 2 or the last 2 lines right? This is were you choose between MariaDB and PostgreSQL right?

This line:

php Version

php_version = ‘7.3’

Can i simply change this to 7.4 to use a newer version of PHP?

Install restic backup tool if backup_folder is not empty

more info about restic: https://restic.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

to use a local directory as a restic repository (not a good idea anyway)

restic_repo = ‘/var/backups/nextcloud’

use rclone to backup a cloud storage, see https://rclone.org for more details

configure also rclone_remote in group_vars/all.yml

restic_repo = “rclone:backup-selfhosted:selfhosted-{{ lookup(‘password’, ‘{{ credential_store }}/restic_backup_s3_bucket_uid chars=ascii_lowercase,digits length=12’) }}/backup”

crontab setings for the backup script - default daily at 3pm

restic_backup_day = ‘*’
restic_backup_minute = ‘0’
restic_backup_hour: = ‘3’

If i don’t want to use restic and rsync i can remove the lines above right?

i think you got an old inventory version. assuming you use ubuntu/centos you can use the nextcloud-reloaded branch where things look a bit different.

# Selfsigned Certificate are Default
# nextcloud_certificate_type  = 'selfsigned'

# Letsencrypt Certificate provided with acme.sh (https://github.com/Neilpang/acme.sh)
nextcloud_certificate_type  = 'acme.sh'

each variable should appear only once. or ansible will give a warning. and take the last definition of the variable.

#nextcloud_db_type           = 'mysql'        # (MariaDB)
nextcloud_db_type           = 'pgsql'        # (PostgreSQL)
nextcloud_db_host           = 'localhost'
nextcloud_db                = 'nextcloud'
nextcloud_db_user           = 'nextcloud'
nextcloud_db_passwd         = ''
nextcloud_db_prefix         = 'oc_'

this would install pgsql as database program. change it to

nextcloud_db_type           = 'mysql'        # (MariaDB)
#nextcloud_db_type           = 'pgsql'        # (PostgreSQL)
nextcloud_db_host           = 'localhost'
nextcloud_db                = 'nextcloud'
nextcloud_db_user           = 'nextcloud'
nextcloud_db_passwd         = ''
nextcloud_db_prefix         = 'oc_'

would install mariadb.

yes. in the new branch this is done already.

no. you have to change it to restic_repo = ''
the playbook checks if the variable is not empty.

but the playbook would fail if the variable isn’t defined.