Contacts menu links to contacts app with no contacts

Hi! When I click on the contact icon in the menu on the right, I see a list of all users in the organization. I scroll down and it says “Show all contacts,” and I click on that link and it takes me to the Contacts App which is blank. According to some other posts , the Contacts Menu button is not related to the Contacts App.

My questions:
Why don’t I see all contacts from the contact menu in the contacts app?
Why does the contact menu link to the contacts app if they are different things?

Version: Nextcloud 23.0.3. I am a user and not an admin but I can relay any info to the admin.

The “Contacts” menu button at the top right shows all users on the Nextcloud instance plus any contacts you may have added to the Contacts app.

Because the Contacts app only shows it’s own entries. So if you didn’t add any contacts to it, it shows nothing.

Because why not? :wink:

Seriously, a better question would probably be (to which I don’t know the answer): Why is there no “Global Contacts List” in the Contacts app that shows all the users on the Nextcloud instance? Because If that would be the case that link would make a lot more sense.

Hi there! I’m just going to slightly one up op’s question: In my case I do actually add contacts to the Contacts app and still end up with the same situation as OP: contacts appear in the menu but not in the app, presenting this (possibly unrelated?) error in the console:

addressbooks.js:399 TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'find')
    at dist.js:1:143436
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at A.value (dist.js:1:143145)
    at A.<anonymous> (dist.js:1:205039)
    at u (dist.js:1:80785)
    at Generator._invoke (dist.js:1:80573)
    at (dist.js:1:81214)
    at Ca (dist.js:1:200311)
    at o (dist.js:1:200517)

In my case, I’m actually the admin (I’m self hosting), so I might be able to provide more information if needed ^^

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Welp, uploading gifs is a nono i guess

It seems I am on the same boat, not sure when this happened on my instance but I must assume with the latest or one of the latest update.
The contacts show up in NC Mail as well as in the Search, but I cannot open them from there

Perhaps someone can merge the two threads ?!

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