Contacts app - How to backup/export full addressbook?

Hello, just updated to latest version and stuff is working pretty well.
Thank you.

btw. thank you as well for changelog at

Just wanted to say that I have upgraded to 11.02, and the export functionality is back, and it works!
Thank you very much! I have now switched from owncloud to nextcloud. I have also recommended nextcloud to a co-worker/friend, and he is using it now and is impressed.

Best regards --Tad

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I really would like to use that with my NC 12/contacts 1.5.3 setup, but both of these URL versions (with SERVERNAME and USERNAME replaced of course) ony result in a “Not Found” error page.


Is this still supported? Am I doing it wrong? What would I have to do? Are there alternatives? :slight_smile:

You can find the right .vcf file with a click on “Einstellungen” and the download icon of the adressbook.

I have an additional slash in the URL (I don’t know, if this may be a problem).

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That link is not really correct. “contacts” right before export is not a fixed string. It has to be the ‘uri’ of the according addressbook. This might be different from “contacts” due to localization (see rakeknivens comment above) or naming of additionaly created addressbooks. The ‘uri’ can be looked up in table ‘oc_addressbooks’ in your Nextcloud database (prefix might be different from ‘oc_’ in your installation). So the link should be:

Though the download also does work with an additional slash in the URL, I would leave the slash out. The download-link of the contacts-app doesn’t have it either.

There is also the script calcardbackup which has the advantage that no cleartext passwords have to be stored on the server and added calendars/addressbooks will be backed up automatically without the need to adapt a script.

Cheers, Bernie_O

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Wow, how could I miss that! Thanks a ton! :thumbsup: