Connection Problems between Nextcloud Server and Collabora

Hello guys,

I currently have a problem with the connection of Nextcloud (version 24) and collabora. The Nextcloud and the Collabora (version runs without problems. When I try to establish a connection, I get the message "Could not establish connection to the Collabora Online server. The Collabora Server ist installted as a Linux Package on an Alma Linux 8. I have also already tried to set up the Collabora Code Server via Docker or Podman. However, this resulted in the same effect.
I have already used the search function in the forum, but the help there unfortunately couldn’t solve the problem. Attached is the config of the reverse proxy for the Collabora server

I hope you can help me with this problem.



Sorry I can not really help you. But i think you must differ between connections from Nextcloud server to Collabora server and client (e.g. browser) to Collabora server.

I don’t know to what extent both are necessary or to what extent you have mapped it correctly.

please refer to this and all linked posts. likely you will find the answers and lot of troubleshooting hints there