Community Edition vs Enterprise Edition (Key differences)

Hi everyone,

I am really trying to make the decision between going for the community edition or the enterprise edition. What are the crucial factors that separate the two? One of my client wants me to develop a Virtual Data Room and Document Management Software on the community edition which will be for commercial use as a SaaS product to end customers. The product will be self hosted on premise and will include the following features:

  1. Document Storage
  2. File/ Folder Structures
  3. Roles and Permissions
  4. Access Layers
  5. Watermarking
  6. Redaction of documents
  7. Encrypted download of documents
  8. Secured check-in and check-out
  9. Editing of documents in word add-in (An add-in will be developed that will sync with the web application and database)
  10. Drag and drop upload of bulk files with no limit (The indexing of documents will be done using their own indexing and document tool)
    11)Versioning of Documents
  11. Archiving of Documents
    13)Easy search across the platform to pull up the documents

I want to understand the benefits/liabilities with the community edition for following cases:

  1. Stability
  2. Load Balancing
  3. Security of the system
  4. Vulnerability of AGPLv3 license wherein any modifications to covered software will trigger the clause where all source code needs to be made available to users using a link to download the source copy.

There is no need to post questions multiple times, because it doesn’t increase the chance to get an answer. Therefore please stick to the following thread in the future. I will close this one in the meantime.

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I saw the similar questions being talked about in the General Thread later and hence wanted to open the query there.