Collabora Online - failed to connect, try later

I am new to nextcould and not an IT guy, just user - so no programming know-how.
Nextcould was installed at my host. OnlyOffice is activated.
The problem: I would like to edit a word document and Collabora Online does not connect.
If this does not work I fear Nextcloud is not appropriate for our needs.

many thanks

Which tuto did you follow ?
There is no link between collabora and onlyoffice…
Do you have NC 19 ? In this case, you can install built in code server for collabora and the collabora app (you need both).
If you have NC 18, you can install collabora server with docker
(Its not necessary to configure a subdomain)

Don’t install Onlyoffice with the buil in app, there are bugs. If you want to install onlyoffice, install the docker server and onlyoffice app.

Good luck :wink:

Thanks Bastien for your swift help.
No idea where to find the NC version number…

If you have a good tutorial it would be appreciated…

I checked and both the built in code server for collabora and the collabora online app are installed at my PC. I disabled the only office app. But it still does not work.

No idea what you mean with a “docker server”.

other way: what do I need to install and activate to be able to edit MS Office files like .docx, .xls and .ppt?

Many thanks

So you have NC 19.
If collabora works, you can edit pptx, xlsx, docx with it.

You don’t need the docker server if you have the built in code server.
Now go to your panel admin in settings and search for collabora online settings To select built in server.
Hzre you have a tutorial

If It doesn’t work, you may have the same problem that another user in this post : "Collabora online could not be loaded" after update
He gives a workaround to solve the problem.

The built in code server is a very new application, be patient and indulgent if upgrades break your installation.

All was already set as you describe and what’s in the tutorial.
The work around of Fjalar did not work for me.

Be patient yes, but for how long?

I would like my team to switch from box to NC and the editing is one of the key elements!!!

Hi Bastien,
I tried it once more “Use your own server” as indicated workaround, and once more did not work.
Now I uploaded an .xlsx file and neither this nor the former .docx could be opened.

I fully appreciate your help but do you have an idea until when this could be fixed as this should be a basic requirement???
Many thanks