Collabora Online 3.0 out with full-featured editing dialogs

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Today is an exciting day for Nextcloud users who use Online Office! Collabora makes available a new version of their development/home user edition, introducing full-featured editing dialogs to the office browser.

Been a long way

You might recall we introduced the easy to use Online Office Docker image for home users together with Collabora in July of 2016. We wanted to make sure that also home Nextcloud users, not just paying enterprise customers, had access to a great, easy to use online office solution. This Docker image proceeded to become extremely popular, having had millions of downloads combined with tens of thousands of downloads of the Nextcloud integration app on our app store.

New level of capabilities

Collabora has continuously worked to improve their browser version of LibreOffice, introducing full collaborative editing late last year and today, delivering the next step in functionality: the inclusion of full-feature LibreOffice dialogs for the browser. This allows users to fully configure paragraph settings in Writer, advanced grouping and sorting in Calc, area properties in Impress and much, much more. While Collabora still aims for the Online Office suite to be a bit lighter and easier to use than its desktop contemporary, most advanced capabilities are now available to users irrespective of the platform they're using. [caption id="attachment_3350" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Your bullets, your way![/caption]

If you have not checked out Collabora, this is a good time to do it! Find information on how to get started on Note that the public docker image is meant for home users and testers - if you need a more stable, scalable, business-ready image, contact the Nextcloud sales team for information!

Get started with Collabora Online!

Offtopic but what did you guys use to make the presentation photos? I like that browser frame.

ehm… gimp?!? Nothing special :wink:

It seems that Collabora 3.0 will still require a Docker installation, which does NOT work on 32-bit machines. Too bad they can’t make an alternative installer. Nextcloud works well for 32-bit architecture… Why can’t they make Collabora integrate the same way?

My opinion.
Collabora is developing collabora-online with an eye for commercial deployments. They have no future in developing for old equipment with restrictive capabilities ( 4 gig mem max etc). Even Centos has dropped 32 bit as of 7 and I had to upgrade a number of firewall/routers that I support. Was happy I did when done.

You don’t need Docker, there are regular packages available for several distros. It looks like those are still 64-bit though.


Didn’t know the regular packages were available in their repos, great and thanks for mentioning.
I was using the docker image for some time, but now also this regular package install inside an LXC container (ubuntu).
The docker image is as expected very complete.
To get the regular working i had to:

This LXC instance is running great so far.
However I noticed that the new editing dialogs do not appear in the corresponding language, only in english.
In the docker instance they appear correct.
Perhaps additional packages need to be installed?
Yep, fix in: Spelling Check CODE 3.0

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Thanks for this new release everyone! Love the integration of LO/Collabora into NC :slight_smile:

Just a note:
The first link in the Blogpost ( Collabora makes available ) is leading to which is a 404 (Page not found). The correct link should be

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Thanks for that, I got the wrong link in advance :wink: