Collabora not working on an older migrated instance

I have a nextcloud instance that was initially set up several years ago using nextcloud-snap on an Ubuntu server.
I successfully migrated all my data it to a Docker-based instance on another machine with a mariadb server, moved the files across, imported the db backup, all fine and good.

I have however not been able to get Nextcloud Office and the built-in CODE server to work, always loading for ever until it times out with “Failed to load Nextcloud-office, please try again later”, both before the migration and after it. It’s worked at some point in the old setup, but broke I believe at some major Nextcloud upgrade, possibly when it switched from being “third party” to the official “Nextcloud Office”.

I’ve tried setting up a second fresh Docker instance to see if it worked there, no issue. Both are behind a reverse proxy with their own subdomain with the same config to make things match. Compared config.php, tried to match them as close as possible, no change, old install doesn’t work, new one does.

I’ve tried uninstalling both Nextcloud office and the CODE server, manually removing any stale files/folders and deleting the obviously relevant tables from the database in case there was some old setting causing issues and reinstalling, but no dice.

What could be left over in the database/files that would prevent it from working?

I have no idea regarding built-in CODE I never tried to adopt this approach and rather follower Unix/Docker philosophy to have one tool for each problem. I’m successfully running two Nextcloud instances against one separate Collabora Docker container behind traefik reverse proxy (which terminates TLS for all services)

here you find almost everything you need to run such setup:

and here some more references to troubleshoot Collabora issues

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