Collabora not working for files in shared folder

I have a Nextcloud VM running with the image from Hanson IT.
It’s running the integrated CODE server for Collabora. Other than me needing to switch to a custom server/built-in one because Collabora stops working it is working fine.

However, when trying to open files in a shared folder (via link) users get an error message:

Document loading failed.
Unable to load Nextcloud Office, try again later (translated from Dutch, so not exact.).

When I open the link in a standard tab from my pc it works fine, probably because I am logged in. When I open the link from an in-private tab it shows me the above error as well.

According to this: it should work fine.

Any help is appreciated.

hi! I have running my NC and collabora as docker (see config on my other posts). I tested editing a document inside of “group folder” as anonymous guest which should be the same as shared folder:

  • shared a file with editing rights
  • visited a link from incognito browser


When I share a link to a file directly it works fine, even from a group folder or a shared folder.
Whenever I use the link to the shared folder I get the above error message. I tried what happens when I share the file inside the shared folder and then open it via the group folder link: no luck. It only works when using a direct share link to the file.

I notice that when I use a direct link to a file it asks me for a username for editing. This does not happen when opening the file in/via a shared folder. Could this have something to do with it?

I tested this it seems to works for me

  1. create new folder inside group folder
  2. share the folder with editing rights
  3. copy an .odt file into the shared folder
  4. access the folder as authorized user and edit the file
  5. access the folder from private tab in Firefox and edit the file
  6. access the folder from Internet Explorer (using anonymous link - not logged in in NC) and edit the file


  • all 3 edits are in the file
  • activity history doesn’t reflect the changes from different (anonymous) users



but I have versions of all edits (verified by restoring one version)