Collabora in school: docker vs apt-get

Hi all,

we want to use Collabora in schools.
Is docker or the apt-get solution better for dealing wit lot of people?
Here are more information about both:

The free (CODE) Collabora image has a hardcoded limit of concurrent users and concurrently opened documents. Collabora Document Limitation by Purpose (10Docs/20Connections)

So it’s probable that this hardcoded limit will be more important than apt-get vs docker.

The docker image should be easier to setup than installing and configuring everything yourself.

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@Tom_B is telling a true argument.

You want to use Collabora Office in schools ?
You pay for it, you won’t have limitation and you will have support for installing and debugging.
Or you follow some scripts to compile it by yourself with the hardcoded limitation to a higher number.

You can find on this forum a script made by @husisusi i don’t know if it work now for Ubuntu 18.04 for exemple. But i tested it some months ago and it worked : HowTo: Install Onlineoffice on Ubuntu/Debian (No Docker No Limitation) (if you want to run it on 18.04

You also have the docker version of LOOL (LibreOffice On Line) who was updated 20 days ago, the docker version of CODE was updated more than 2 months ago…

LibreOffice 6.1 brings a lot of improuvements but i am still waiting an update of LOOL or CODE for seeing if i will leave OnlyOffice or not.


you may try it to find the limits and compare.

collabora or onlyoffice. both in docker container.


Hi all

Thank you very much! I think the limitation is the most important point, too.
Onlyoffice is a good hint , too.

The problem with onlyoffice is that i can’t remove the limitation without paying the service…
my clients know that point and are okay with this FREE version.
But for a school, the limitation will be hint in 15 secondes…

Hi @Nemskiller,

There is really a limit in Onlyoffice? From the Onlyoffice vs. Collabora posts here in the forum I always read that the big advantage of Onlyoffice is, that there is no limit like in Collabora.

Really, i thought it was the same as CODE.
10 on the same document or 20 simultaneous connections.

If there isn’t any limitation @tt33tt go for OnlyOffice on a docker container. Get a nice server with lot of ram and let’s go.
If you want to have onlyoffice on the same server as nextcloud, it’s possible but much harder and you will struggle with ram use between NC and OO as more as you have users.

@tt33tt what is your infrastructure for this project? in terms of server hw.
up to now my playbook supports only the database on a different host.
but with some minor modifications it would setup and run Onlyoffice on a different maschine as well.
if you need help send me a pm.

Collabora works on my server.
Onlyoffice has a limitation of 20 seats, too
Currently we use it only in the teacher training center but later I hope that we would use it in the whole region on all schools. For one class would the limitation fits but I would need the paid version for more than a class. There are special offers for education, too.
I will notice these tools.