Collabora doesn't load documents when outside the LAN

Nextcloud “NC” is running on an Apache virtual host with NAT’d ports from the firewall.
Collabora “C” is running on a second computer and is proxied via NGINX
There is an entry in /etc/hosts on the computer running Apache to resolve C to the internal host running it.

Documents load when accessing NC from any computer inside the LAN

Since all the communication with C is from NC, with the host resolved from NC and the host it runs on, I didn’t think any additional configuration is necessary. Nevertheless, C fails to load docs from outside the LAN.

Logging in NC shows nothing.
collabora.error shows nothing.

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this is not enough. your client need direct connection to Collabora as well and CODE needs DNS/connection to NC. take a look a t this guide: Nextcloud Collabora integration

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There is also a DNS record resolving to the static IP on the firewall, which forwards 80,443 to NC, and likewise resolves C to the same IP. Do I also need to reverse proxy the C application server on the NC host?

The NC host has a fair number of Apache virtual hosts, and I can add another for the reverse proxy. A guide would be helpful for that.

you where given the guide, please use it!

Of course I will use the guide you provided the link to.

It won’t write the virtual host file for the Apache reverse proxy for me, but yeah, I don’t expect help on that here necessarily. Thanks again.