Client 2.5 don't work with 32bit Windows

I did figure out that the client is not executeable on windows systems with 32 bit.
Is this a known bug that is going to be fixed or is it planed not to support 32 bit versions anymore?

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2.3 was for 32 and 64 bit windows ( There is no current documentation of the NC desktop client.

There were a few people having problems with 32-bit windows. I can only refer to the issue on the bug tracker and we have to wait for them to solve it:

Any older clients we can download? Some people of us have old machines running as a NC client, I just fell into that trap when I wanted to update the owncloud client (no deleted…) to a NC client…

By the way the newest oc-client works fine as well with the nextcloud.

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Hey all,

I built the Desktop Client for 32-bit Windows yesterday:

Tested on Windows 10 (1709), more testing on older systems would be appreciated! :wink:

Thanks and have fun!