Change file permissions for files created in Nextcloud

I need to change the default permissions for files created in Nextcloud since I want to access these files elsewhere.

I’m using External Storage to add a local drive to Nextcloud. SMB is not an option since this is much slower in my experience.

Any help is appreciated!

Direct access is not the way how NC is working. You should use WebDav (what is more slower as SMB). Otherwise you can set some local folder as External Storage and give NC access to it -->

Do not forget that you have to re scan changes periodically (otherwise folder will be re scanned only by direct web access). Command to do this is: sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all

This command will rescan whole NC installation together with all internal and external files, so I wrote a script to do external storage rescan only:

Read more about this script under this tread: Automate OCC Filescan