Cant fint occ file, please help

Hello Community,
i am quiet new in the universe of raspberry pi and unix systems, so pls excuse me if I am not detailled enough with my question.

Since the beginning of this week i set up a nextcloudpi instance on a raspberry pi 4 B.

I am using a 2tb ssd, even if a hdd would be enough I guess. I didn´t use the install wizard for the beginning since I went through the initialisation-process a lot of times now. I Mounted my data folder to media/ssd/nextcloud/data with the nc-webui so far and that´s it with this trial.

Now i uploaded a big Windows Folder to my nextcloud account and deleted it (it was ca 6 GB big) Since that i can´t access my “Deleted Data”-folder in the web application on that User.

After a bit of research i came across this bug listed on github

and across this command as a workaround for that problem which I used in PUTTY-SSH Terminal:
sudo -u www-data php occ trashbin:cleanup --all-users

Unfortunately I can´t open that occ file mentioned in the command. The error from console is :
Could not open input file: occ

there is also another command which worked by another user facing the same problem which uses the filePath of the occ file which i guess is default:
sudo -u www-data php /var/www/html/nextcloud/occ trashbin:cleanup --all-users

Unfortunately i don´t even have this nextcloud folder in that path so i guess the reason why that doesn´t work is that the file is saved in another directory. Do you know which one that could be or at least how i can search for it?

Help would be appreciated a lot.

PS: I hope i didn´t write a too detailed problem report…

OK, sorry guys, i guess i didn´t research enough because right now i found the answer here:

Anyways, thank you for anybody who was about to answer :slight_smile:

hello @SilverLife and welcome to the club … eeerrrrr… forum :slight_smile:
thanks for your first participation here.

you ask

so have you tried running that command in the installation-folder of nextcloud? (like in my setup it is /var/www/nextcloud - but it could have changed for ncp in the meanwhile)

darn… you were too fast for me :slight_smile:
glad you found the right folder yourself! well done :slight_smile:

happy nc’ing

Wow guys, I am flashed to get so kind answers that fast! Really cool Community !!

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