Cannot install documentserver_community app - appinfo file cannot be read

Tried to install nextcloud 18 on a new clear system, but getting an error when it tries to install the onlyoffice documentserver app.

Error: App “documentserver_community” cannot be installed because appinfo file cannot be read.

what’s wrong?


PS: tried it on different systems (ubuntu 18 server)

have you tried installing onlyoffice app as well?

Yeah it worked… i made the automatic install of NC18 and checked “install recommended apps”. After that (and the hint that the documentserver failed to install) i tried it again in the App Manager as admin logged in. And there i’d got that error message.

Thought it could a browser timeout issue… so i tried it again on the shell (console) with the same error message as result

Found a workaround…

Downloaded the app package manually, unpacked it, and moved it into the app folder of nextcloud. Then logged in as admin and activated the app.

Now it works. i think my system has problems to download such huge packages.

Any idea how to handle it for future updates?
Like modifying my PHP configuration?

Maybe this will help you


Yepp, that worked for me. 30s is too short for ~300MB

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Yeah but i think just changing the timeout isn’t the best solution, for example on low bandwidth connections.

Maybe someone create an issue at github for that?


done already

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Not solving problem here on two NC 18 instances where I have that same problem ! I increased the value of timeout in the client.php file indicated above but it doesn’t look to care as install times out around 30/45s as previously :frowning: Both are some “old” NC instances that have been upgraded in past to NC 16 then 17 and now 18 to get access at the documentserver_community app :wink:


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