Can NextCloud Calendar sync with my Fruux account?


I have had a Fruux account for many years and I sync to my Fruux calendar from various devices, (Android and FastMail on Windows principally), and was hoping to do the same with NC Calendar. Is this possible?


Hi @nikkkko

yes and no. I don’t know fruux in detail, but:

  • Nextcloud is set up as a CalDAV server, meaning it will provide CalDAV resources such as calendars for others to subscribe to. It is not set up as a CalDAV client which could subscribe to other calendars and send modifications there,
  • However, it is possible to subscribe to (read-only) ICS resources.

However, you were probably looking for option 1) - and that’s unfortunately not possible.



Ah that’s a shame - I was indeed hoping to set up Calendar as a CalDav client. Thanks for the clarification.


I try to set it up as read-only, but also that doesn’t seem to work. I set up a new device in Fruux and use the base-URL. It doesn’t sync. I think it still needs my username and password somehow, but I don’t see where I could provide those…

In Fruux you can download your calendar as an ICS file and import it into NextCloud calendar but it won’t be synced, it’s just a one-off import.

Thank you Nikkko.

I thougth it would be possible to subscribe to calDAV calendars as well.
I need it to use the appointment app. There it’s stated you should be able to check with an external calDAV calendar through the calendar app. I asked for help there and the author redirected me to the calender app for help.


probably thread gives a hint for your use cases: