Calendar sync with google

I’ve add a new subscription to a google calendar via che basic.ics url but the syncronization works only if I log out and then login again.

Is it possible to set a time in order to make the syncronization works every 5 minutes???


I’ve some problems to understand what you’re speaking about. Can you please be a little bit more precise. What are you doing, where, with which app and which software version etc.

I’m talking about the calendar app of nextcloud. I’ve subscribed a google calendar through the basic.ics url.

If I apply any change to the google calendar I should see such change in the nextcloud calendar. This works only after some minutes if I logout from nextcloud and then i login again.

The version of nextcloud is 15.0.7 and the version of the calendar app is 1.6.4.

I hope you can understand now.

If I understand the description of the following issue ticket correctly, it won’t be possible to change this behavior because the calendar subscription for external ics ressources is handled in the browser cache and not the server.

Understood! So which is the best way to integrate a Google calendari in the nextcloud calendari and make them always syncronized or updated?

You should think about using an external tool to synchronize the calendars, like e.g. vdirsyncer.